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Yoda Mask- happy Star Wars day!

Happy Star Wars day! As it's May the 4th, we thought we're give you a little Yoda mask craft to keep you busy...

You will need-

Paper plate or card

Green paint or colouring pencils




Straw/lollypop stick or a pencil will work too!

1. Take a paper plate and paint or colour it green. If you don't have a paper plate, draw around a plate onto card and cut.

2. Draw a line along the bottom third and cut- like below.

3.Turn it over and draw out a wavy line for the nose and two eye holes, cut out.

4. Draw two ears on another piece of card and cut out, turn the plate over and use tape to stick ears down.

5. Tape a straw or lolly pop stick on the side for you to hold onto.

6. Finish by using a green/black or brown pen to draw all of the wrinkles onto Yoda's face.

That’s it’s! You’re done 💚 Happy Star Wars Day!


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