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Don't let Lockdown get in the way of celebrating your birthday with your friends!

We can pop together little party packs for each child to do over zoom! These kits will include everything they need to do their arty craft together.

We can also try to arrange a time where we can pop online and do a quick intro if needed.

All craft kits come in an individual box.

Pottery Painting Kits-

These can be brought back to be glazed & fired after the day- there is no time limit to bring it back.

Animals (choose from a wide selection) 4 paints & a brush £15 per head

Tea Mug + 4 paints & a brush £15 per head

Miso Bowl + 4 paints & brush £17 per head

Small Plate + 4 paints & brush £17 per head

Acrylic Painting Kits-

Pottery painting that doesn't need firing after.

Animals (choose from a wide selection) + 3 acrylic paints & a brush £12 per head

Decopatch Kits-

Rip, stick and cover your letters in an assortment of papers which will then dry with a nice shine. These are great for bedroom doors or shelves.

Cardboard letter 20cm + 3 papers, glue & brush £10 per head

Cardboard letter 10cm + 2 papers, glue & brush £8 per head

T-Shirt Design-

Design and paint your own T-shirts, these can then dry and be worn straight away & washed as normal.

T-shirt (age size) + 3 fabric paint, fabric pen & brush £12 per head

Tote Bag Design Kits=

Design your own bag, which will dry and be ready to use

Tote bag + 3 fabric paints, fabric pen & brush £12 per head

Foam Clay-

Foam Clay is a fantastic air-drying modelling clay with a very soft, foam paste consistency containing small polystyrene beads that can coat, wrap and cover our ceramic animals.

Animal (you choose from a wide selection) + 3 foam clay pots £15 per head

Want to add a little extra?

Add ons-

Party hat, sweeties, balloon (deflated) & party bag + Happy Birthday banner for the birthday child - £4 per head

Just email us for more info and to book yours now!


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