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Jubilee Bunting!

Here is our Jubilee bunting craft, ideal for celebrating this weeks Jubilee holiday! It is so simple and looks great!

This craft is great, as its just 2 pieces of card, some paint and string... and the more rustic the painting, the better- in my opinion!

What you need:

2 pieces of card (to make 4 flags, use more for longer bunting)


Blue & red paint - or colouring pencils/ felt tips!

Ruler & pencil


Hole punch or use a pen

1. fold your card down the middle and cut into two, do this to the other pieces so you have 4 A5 pieces. Take your ruler and measure the middle point, then on both sides measure to around 14cm. Cut a V shape (like picture) and repeat on all pieces.

2. Start with your red paint and begin your Union Jack painting... then add the blue!

3. Once it's dry, hole punch a hole in the two top corners of each flag. Then thread your string though the holes... and you're done!

Why not make this for the next birthday celebration too? You can paint anything you like onto the bunting!

Happy Making!


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