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TWMAG Rainbow Craft

The lovely TW Magazines featured one of our makes again this month! We thought we would share a craft you can hang in support of the NHS (TRUE HEROES), so we have made a super simple rainbow hanger!

Here are the steps-

What you'll need:

Our template- can be Downloaded Here

Cereal Box




Scissors & Tape

Step One:

Download our rainbow template (link above), cut out and draw aound onto the cardboard box.

Cut out each section remembering to leave a gap between each one.

Step Two: Paint! we went for rainbow, remember Your middle & bottom piece will be split into two colours.

Step Three:

Once it’s dry, turn it over onto its back. Tie a loop in the top of the string so you can hang. The stick the string to each section of your rainbow using the tape. That’s it! It’s ready to hang for everyone to see!

We also wanted to thank everyone for making our last Easter Bunny Pen Pot DIY that was featured in last months TW Magazines!

Here are a few pictures of those who did-


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