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Stag head wall hanger

As we are so close to Bushy Park and all of the lovely deer, we have made a really cute Stag home craft. For this, you will need to take a walk to the park and pick your sticks beforehand.... which is half the fun!

This craft is super easy... and looks GREAT!

What you need:

2 sticks

Cardboard scrap (fairly large)

Paint/colouring pencils/ black pen



String (10cm)

Step 1: Take your card scrap, and draw your stags head- like the photo below. A sort of upside town triangle with rounded edges. Then draw the two ears at the top of both sides & cut out.

Step 2: Optional! You can leave it the original cardboard colour otherwise... Colour in/paint your face. I have painted a bit of brown and white, then used an orange colouring pencil to add a bit of texture. Why not do finger prints for the white spots?

Then draw on the nose and eyes with a black pen.

Step 3: Turn over, pop your sticks into place and tape down. Then add your strip of string across the top and stick down too- like photo below. You will use your string to hang you stag. I used quite a lot of tape!!

That's it! It's now ready to hang!

Please send us any photos in :)

Happy Making!


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