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Pottery at home tips!

As we aren't at home with you and can't go through all of our pottery tips, we thought we'd post them so you remember... although I know most of you are definitely pros by now!


Always choose your colours, from this colour chart. It will look totally different when fired. The colours will change in the kiln, coming out brighter and slightly darker! If you do want to mix, remember this. Make them a little lighter than you want them.

Always start with the light colours first, or just keep each colour separate! Putting a light colour on top of dark won't really show up well, it just shines through. So begin with the lights!

Always do 3 coats. Doing one coat will give you a watercolour type of look and can look quite patchy. The more you apply the more of solid coverage you'll get! It dries super fast, so you can just keep going!

Pencil will completely burn off in the kiln, so you won't see it at all. Even if it's all smudgy. it's great for all of your designing!

If you make a mistake, take a wet sponge and wipe it off and start again. Dark colours may need a little sanding with sandpaper if they leave a stain. We can do this in store if you would like us to!

Lastly, the most important one.... HAVE FUN :)

How to do baby foot prints-


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