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How to use your pom-pom maker.. For Ice Cream Pom-Pom Bunting & Keyring kits

Thank you for ordering our pom-pom keyring or ice cream pom-pom bunting kit!

Here are the steps for how to make...

Keyring- please scroll down for the pom-pom tutorial video, make yours then tie onto your keyring!

Ice cream Bunting -

Kit includes-

Pom-pom maker





1. Start by making your ice cream cones. Cut your coloured paper into squares- roughly 6"x6"

Draw a curve and cut- like the picture below

2. Roll the paper into a cone shape and using a stapler or tape, stick into place.

3. Make your pom-pom ice creams-

Big scoop- Use the pompom maker included in the pack to make these. Watch our pom-pom tutorial to find out how to use yours. You can even use more than one yarn colour together, if you want to have a mixture of colours!

When tying the middle, make sure to keep the length and tie a loop at the top, so later you can use this to tie onto your string.

Small scoop-

Use a fork to make mini pompoms

Watch this video to find out how-

4-Stick pom-poms onto your cones, using glue or a hot glue gun if you have one!

5- Tie the pom-poms onto your string and hang for everyone to see!


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