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How to make tassels for your name bunting kit!

Thank you for ordering our Name bunting kit.

This kit us super simple to make.

You should receive:

Coloured card- small & large




Flag template

1. Make your tassels -

*Fold a piece of card twice making it A6 size.

*Take your yarn and wrap around the shortest side 12 times.

*Carefully take off the card and snip a piece of yarn around 15cm

*Lay this onto the table and place your wrapped yarn on top

*Tie a double not at the top

*Cut the tassels at the bottom and trim to desired length

*These are now ready to thread onto string!

2. Use your bunting flag template to draw around and cut out. Do this enough times so you have one for each letter of your name.

3. Draw out your letters onto the small card & cut out. Stick these onto your bunting flags- remember to use different colours!

4. Make 2 whole in the tops of your flags- use a hole pinch or sharp pencil.

5, Thread onto your string.

That's it, you're done! Now you can hang it up whoever you like ! :)


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