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Hanging Rainbow Mermaid Craft Idea

We know lots of you are hanging rainbows in your window, which is such a lovely idea. Here is a little rainbow mermaid that can also be hung up!

What you'll need:

Egg box


Card - coloured or use colouring pencils to colour paper

Scrap card


Buttons or shells


Glue stick

Black marker

Biro pen or hole punch

Sequins or glitter for detail (optional)

Step 1- Begin by cutting out individual egg cups - you'll want about 4 or 5, then paint them in all different colours. We choose rainbow colours.





Once these are dry, create a little hole in the top of each using a biro nib.

Step 2- Using the scrap cardboard, draw out the mermaids fins and cut out.

Then paint this in another bright colour.

We chose purple. Then add a little hole at the top of the fins.

Step 3- Draw out your mermaids body onto a piece of card. Be sure to bring the bottom of the body (where the belly button would be) into a point. Cut out and lay onto a coloured piece of cardThen draw your mermaids hair style, cut out and glue onto your mermaids head.

Step 4- Add a little face to your mermaid along with some buttons or shells for her bikini top! Decorate using sequins or glitter.

Step 5-

Begin to tie everything together.

Start by tying a loop in your string at the top- this can be used to hang. Bring the string through the mermaids hair and down through the hole of the body. Then tie a double knot. Then, bring this through the first of your egg cups. The point of your body can now be placed inside the hole of you top cup, which should keep it in place nicely. Keep working your way down each cup, leaving a little gap between each to hang. Remember to keep tying a double knot between each (picture below) this will make sure each cup stays in place. Then once you're at the end of the cups, tie on your fins and cut the sting.

Step 6- Hang your mermaid up for everyone to see!

Happy making!


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