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Ella's Little Chick Puppet

Don't we have the best employees at Happy Potter!

So much so, that some of them are going to be putting together little step by step craft ideas for you to do- using things found around the house!

This one was done by Ella, who has worked at the shop for exactly 6 years now! She is in her final year of uni studying International primary education and is an amazing dancer!

What you’ll need:

cereal box

Paper, cup

Yellow + orange pen/ pencils




Step 1: On the cereal box, draw around the top and bottom of your cup to get a big and small circle, draw around the coin twice on the big circle (finger holes), draw a small diamond (beak), cut these out

Step 2: colour in your cereal box circles in yellow and diamond in orange. On your paper draw two leaves and one cone shape then cut these out. If you have a feather you can use that instead!

Step 3: cut along the edges of the leaf and cone shapes to make ‘feathers’ like below

Step 4: glue everything together like below and add some eyes! Remember to fold the beak in half before sticking down. You've done it!



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