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Easter Spoon Kit Steps!

If you have bought our little Easter bunny spoon kit and not sure where to start here are the very easy steps!

1. Start by painting your spoon in white, to give your bunny a nice fluffy fur. Then wait for it to dry,

2. Using the white felt, cut out 2 large ears in a teardrop shape and cut out.

3. Draw around these white ears onto your pink felt, then using this as a guide redraw a slightly smaller teardrop shape inside these and cut out.

4. Using your glue, stick the pink ears onto the white ears.

5. Stick these onto the top of your spoon from behind.

6. Draw a little face onto the flat part of your spoon, add the eyes, whiskers and smile with a black pen! Then stick down your cute pom-pom nose!

7. Take the pipe cleaner included, and tie it into a bow, stick down and add a cute button on top to finish it off. Otherwise, add a felt sticker included for a slightly different outfit choice!

8. If you have another spoon at home why not make the chick? We have included the felt and feather to do so!

9. Have fun! :)


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