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Easter Bunny ears & face craft steps

To make the ears-

1. Take your pink felt and draw two ear drop shapes to fit into the white ears attached to your headband. Cut them out & stick down.

2. Using your glue. Add a thick layer around the headband, add the colourful pompoms one by one. This will take a while to dry so leave it in a safe place until then. Don't worry if you can see the white glue, it will dry see through.

3. Add your sparkly star or heart onto one of your ears!

To make the face-

1. Start by drawing two big teeth onto your white piece of felt. Cut them out.

2. Put your three pipe cleaners together and twist them in the middle so they attach to each other to create one. Now you'll be able to see the whiskers, try to perfect the shape, straightening them with your fingers

3. Now you need to create the fluffy cheeks and pink nose using your yarn. To do this you will need to make three separate pompoms using a fork!

Here is a little video below of how....

4. stick all of these bits down to make the bunny's face. Remember to let the glue set before picking it up!

Enjoy! :)


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