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Dream catcher steps 🌈💙

You can buy everything you need For this kit in our online store.

Here are some simple steps to create your very own dream catcher! There is no wrong way of doing this, so be creative and add whatever takes your fancy!

1- Start off by tying the end of your longest piece of yarn onto your hoop. Add a little tape or blue tack to keep It in place.

2- Begin winding your yarn around the hoop until it’s all covered. You can also leave parts if you want to see the gold hoop.

3- Once covered, wrap the yarn around the hoops outer edges to create a spiderweb design within the hoop. When you’re happy with your web, tie at the hoop and make a little loop for hanging, then cut.

4- Add on your extra pieces of yarn however you like, tie on some beads, feathers, pom-poms. Finish off the decorations with your stars! ⭐️

5- That’s it! You’re done! Now you can hang it over your bed 🌈💙



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