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Make a Knitted Cushion

Hello and thank you for booking onto our Knit your own cushion tutorial!

Happy Making :)

We have included a little write up, photo & video for each step to use as you go, but there is also a full video here:

Here are all of the steps you need to make your beautiful cushion... Have fun!

Step 1:

Find the end of your yarn

Step 2:

Measure out 30cm using a ruler - Keep your finger on the spot

​Step 3:

Make a slip knot at the 30cm point & tie to make an adjustable loop. Make sure your loop is 3inches long

Step 4: Pop the tail end of the yarn to one side as we will be using the working yarn from here

Step 5: Create 10 stiches. Your loop is your first, pop your hand through your loop and grab the yarn- pull it through to create a similar size loop to your original slip knot. This becomes your 2nd stitch. Keep going to make 10 of those loops.

Step 6: Count your stitches to make sure you have 10.

Step 7: Connect the chain into a circle.

To do this take your hand, go through the front and pull the yarn through from the back, to create your first new loop. Then find a little bump next to this, take your hand through, pull the yarn through and create another loop. Keep doing this until you create a flower like above.

Step 8: Put the tail into the middle of the circle. Carry on going around, adding loops to all outside stitches. Keep them all the same size. This should give you another 10 loops. Link-

Step 9:

Work back in to all of your new loops. To do this, take your first original loop, pop your hand through, grab the working yarn and begin to pul through from front of back again. Repeat this all the way around again. Link-

Step 10:

Carry on knitting into these loops for another 5 rows.

Step 11:

For our next row, flip your whole piece of crochet over- so the back is now facing up. Raise up the sides slightly, to start forming the shape. You will then carry on going in and out of loops until we get back to the start. Doing it this was will mean your stitches will start to curve in, giving you more of a 3D cushion shape.

Once you have done the 5 loops it should look like the photo below


Step 12: Keep knitting until you have a small amount of tail yarn left

Step 13: Lay your work out flat onto the table, and count you V shape stitches going up. you want between 6-10 stitches going upwards. Now we will make it into out cushion.

Step 14:

Start by connecting the bottom of your cushion together, and then we will move onto the top.

Weave your tail in and out of all of the edge bumps of your cushion and start to slightly pull in your pillow. Go in and out of each to create a nice pattern until you reach the start, and pull it in. Tuck the rest of your tail into the middle of your cushion

Step 15: Flip around your cushion so you can see all of the loops, again weave your tail in and out of each loop Link-

Step 16:

Once you've put your yarn through all of the loops, you can pull the end of the tail tight and adjust your pillow. Pop the rest of the tail through the middle of the cushion and adjust again.

And thats it, you're all done!

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