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Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Wire Kites! <3

The amazingly talented 'A most curious calligrapher' is back at HP with something a little different! And here's what...

"The picture above is what will be produced by the end of the session. I provide the wire kite... and you will be able to produce the calligraphy. Even if you’ve never tried dip pen & ink before your finished wall hanging will be fabulous😍!! If you go away, practice and produce something more to your liking you can remove the first effort and fix the new in its place....genius!!"

Included in the price-

* A beginners box of nib holders and nibs, ink and practice sheets.

* 2.5 hours of tuition covering lowercase, uppercase and a sample project to demonstrate your skills.

* A glass of prosecco to oil the artistic journey!

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