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Toilet roll tube binoculars

This is a great interactive craft. Make these up and pop out for a walk with a note book. write down or draw all of the wildlife or flowers you can find! It’s super easy and very quick!

What you need:

Two toilet roll tubes

Scrap of card

washi tape or felt tips


Glue/glue gun or stapler



1. Tape your washi tape around one end of both tubes, or colour in some stripes and design them however you like!

2. Cut a thin strip of card- around 5-6cm.

3. Pierce a hole in one side of both toilet roll tubes.

4. Glue/tape or staple everything together- start with your tubes, then add the strip of card on top. Make sure your holes are on the outer sides of the binoculars. 5. Tie your string through both holes and wear!



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