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At the moment, we aren't running our normal Happy Potter parties in the studio due to the Covid-19 restrictions. This is mainly because of social distancing and only being allowed to have up to 6 people (adults and children) at a table at one time.

We can however do a small group booking with balloons, spread over our back table in the party area.

We do ask that only the party parent(s) of the birthday child attend, to stay in line with social distancing. We also ask that children are dropped off at the door of the studio, staff will meet the children there and bring them in. Unfortunately even though the children may be in the same school bubbles, this rule inside cafes doesn't apply- so this is the only way we can operate at the moment!

Hopefully the rules for children will change soon and we can run as normal!

I'm afraid we also aren't doing party food at the moment and don't allow any to be brought in. All bookings so far have included cupcakes at the end, ours are all individually wrapped- so we can give them to each child with a candle in the birthday child's cake at the end to still do Happy birthday!

The cost can be done in two ways- 

we have a little party pack, which is £17.50 a head. This includes the studio fee, pottery (animals or mugs), party bags, invitations, balloons on the tables, drinks and cupcakes.

Or you can do a normal booking which would be the price of your pottery plus the studio fee per child. These can be found here:

If you would prefer to run an arty party at home or in your garden, we can also put together, paint, brushes, pallets and pottery for you to do it all at home. This can then be brought back to be fired at the studio! This is the same price as the studio fee plus your items. We also take a £25 deposit for the paint etc which will be given back to you. 

Please email or call to check any dates or for more information!

Happy Potter xxx

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