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As everyone is home schooling at the moment, I thought it would be a nice idea to show a simple craft that can go alongside a book. By make the character into a mask!

Last year I ran the craft section at the Gruffalo's 20th anniversary's pop up shop, where we made the cutest masks from paper plates and scraps of card & felt... It's super simple, and involves cutting & sticking. So great for all ages!

Here's what we made, along with some more simple ideas!

All you need:

Paper plate - or card (just draw around a plate & cut out)

Coloured card or paper with colouring pencils



Glue stick

Lollypop stick/ Paper straw or pencil

The Gruffalo:

The bear who stared:

They don't even have to match... just take inspiration and use what you have!

There's an Alien in your book.... or Toy Story???

Or, why not a film?

Star Wars-

I hope this inspires you, please send in any masks you make!

Una xx

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