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Little Turtle Craft

As we usually do our little Arty Tales session monthly at Happy Potter, so we thought we would do a craft inspired by a book... and this is one of our FAVOURITES!

Little Turtle Turns the Tide <3

You may have already heard about this amazing book. We held a book reading at Happy Potter not too long ago with the author Lauren Davies and illustrator Nico Williams. Some of you may remember Nico from working at Happy Potter over the years. We are huge fans- so thought we would do a little turtle inspired craft!


Watch the Video here:

What you need:

Wool - a selection of any colours

3 lollypop sticks

Green paint



PVA glue or a hot glue gun

1. Start off by painting your lollypop sticks green, then wait for them to dry.

2. Lay the sticks onto of one another to create a star shape & stick. If using PVA, wait for it to be completely set and glued before doing the next step.

3. Draw on his little face and toes.

4- For this step, you can watch the video to get an idea of how to do the weaving, Begin by tying your first piece of wool around the back of your turtle. Begin to weave around the lollypop sticks to create a cross. Adding wool to what will be the middle of his shell. Once your happy with the middle section. Tie this off.

5. Choose a new colour wool and repeat! Do this as many times as you like to create a lovely colourful shell!



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